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You can taste white, rose and red wines at Mierzęcin Palace

White wines

Seyval Blanc 2013

It is the premiere vintage from Seyval Blanc Variety from the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard. It interwines the incredebly enchanting flower notes with aromas of peaches and vanilia. It was fermented in a French oak barrel. The wine has a rich and complex structure with a long-lasting, soft finish. It is perfect with delicate poultry dishes with cream sauces and mature cheeses with a strong creamy structure.

Rose wines

Regent Rose 2013

Extractive rose wine with a balanced acidity and a delicate sweetness from the carefully selected fruits from the Regent variety. One can smell the intensive aroma of strawberries, wild strawberries and sweet cherries. It tastes best with cheeses, salads and poultry dishes.

Red wines

Regent 2012

Wines from the Regent variety have steady supporters of its characteristics spiciness. The perceptible note of cherries, grape seeds and black pepper interwine with aromas of spices and smoke. It is characterized by delicate structure of tannins. The taste is smooth and silky with a long fruity finish. It is excellent served with past dishes, cheeses and grilled meat.

SILVER MEDAL at the Polish Wines and Ciders Competition for a ENOEXPO® 2014 Fairs Medal

Rondo 2012

The wines delights with the wealth of its forest fruit and sweet cherries aromas as well as a note of spieces which harmonize with its delicate minerality. The taste is fruity with a light note of hot spieces. It is an extremely complex wine. Its structure is mainly composed of tannins, good acidity and seed frui which together with the given alcohol content allowed it to achieve perfect balance. It is perfect with beef tendeloin and game meat.

Rondo 2010

For several years now, this variety has been considered to be the national Polish grapevine and at Mierzęcin Palace is has been cultivated since 2004. Rondo is characterized by clear ruby colour as well as by intensive forest fruit aroma. In the wine’s taste, there are all the characteristics of a noble, dry wine. It is an ideal proposition as an addition to the traditional palace cuisine which is based on game meat from the nearby forests.

Noole Rouge

Carefully selected fruit from the red varieties have contributed to the creation of this exceptional blend which enchants with its fruitiness, ruby colour as well as with the abundance of tannin and gallotannin. The innovative combination of our two flagship varieties, Rondo and Regent, has entered permanently into the wine selection at Mierzęcin Palace.

Regent 2009

In our opinion, this is hitherto the best wine in the history of the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard. The wine has a sublime taste and aroma which enchants with its structure and intensity. The aroma of home-made plum and blackberry jam is underlined by the clear taste of the ripe red fruit. The wine perfectly complements duck and lamb dishes as well as red meat dishes.

SILVER MEDAL at the IV Polish Wines Competition for a ENOEXPO® 2012 Fairs Medal

Wine Archive

White wines

Noole Blanc 2013

It is the flagship coupage of white varieties of the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard. It has a distinct aroma of tropical fruits as well as of rose flowers. Delicate acidity was balanced by natural residual sugar. The result is that the wine is suitable with the dishes from the palace’s wellness cuisine and it also perfectly complements light fish and poultry dishes.

Noole Blanc 2012

The 2010 vintage was very well received by consumers which prompted us to once again blend the fruit from the old and from the new vineyard. As a result, we have created a light and refreshing wine. Its acidity is well balanced by the sweetness of the residual sugar. The wine is perfect as an aperitif as well as served with light fish or poultry dishes.

Riesling 2012

The most recognizable wine from the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard. It is characterized by lightness, minerality as well as by a distinct note of acidity broken by light sweetness of residual sugar. The dominating aromas are those of citruses and a note of honey. The wine is perfect for the wellness cuisine of the Palace. Riesling has the potential for longer seasoning.

Riesling 2009

Riesling 2009 is the first wine produced at the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard which has been ageing for a year in the Mierzęcin Palace Wine Cellar. This wine was made with Polish cuisine and regional dishes in mind.

Chardonnay 2010

It is a subtle and delicate wine from an interesting habitat situated by the Mierzęcińskie Lake. It is a one-graft Chardonnay with a good structure and full aroma of white fruit with a delicate hint of barrel vanilla. The wine combines full maturity of the grapes with elegant minerality. The lively taste blends excellently with fish and seafood.

Kernling 2010

Kernling is a variety which is found in few Polish vineyards. It is laborious and demanding in cultivation. However, it guarantees abundant fructification and complete aromatic maturity. This wine is close in structure to Riesling. The leading presence of white flowers, fresh, green apples and delicate minerality create a bouquet of an intensive white wine. It is perfect with fish, poultry and white meat. Kernling Wine 2010 was awarded the bronze medal for "Grand Prix – Vintage 2011" in the II All-Polish Wine Competition held in Zielona Góra.

Noole 2010

For the first time in the history of our vineyard, we managed to combine in one wine fruit from older and new crops. We have created a unique blend of several different grafts during the process of fermentation. The variety of aromas coming from the different grafts gave this wine an unforgettable taste. Young, lively and refreshing – this wine is excellent for warm, summer days. It is ideally suited for fruit salads, cheese snacks and fish with a delicate taste.

Pinot Gris 2010

Maturity of fruit of this graft can be achieved in our climate by reducing the harvest by 50% during their maturing. 250 litres from a hectare means concentration of quality at the expense of quantity. It is a serious, maturing wine with clear presence of fresh apples, pears and white flowers. It was shaped to be dry and this wine will be a splendid addition to dishes with fish, poultry and seafood. This wine is only served at the restaurants of Mierzęcin Palace.

Riesling 2010

We have decided to grow Riesling at the vineyard by profiting from the experiences of our western neighbours. It was a good decision. This graft is solid, fertile, and fecund and matures every year. The Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard created a classic Riesling that year with a clear, acidic hint which enables it to age longer in the bottle. This wine is produced with the Polish cuisine and regional dishes in mind. We took into account the culinary map of regional delicacies and the location of the Palace in the land of a thousand lakes and, consequently, we have created a wine which is an excellently complemented by Polish freshwater and sea fish.

Rose wines

Rondo rose 2012

A wine with a refined taste and aroma. Fruit of the Rondo variety were selected for its production. This extractive rose wine has a balanced acidity and saturated colour. The subtle aroma of strawberries and white currants has an added undercurrent of hard candy sweetness. The balanced level of sugar and acids make this wine perfect for snacks, salads as well as for main courses.

Regent Rose 2010

It is a one-graft wine with a sublime taste and aroma. This is the first rosé wine made at the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard. We took advantage of the abundant harvest of the 2010 vintage and selected fruit which were cultivated to achieve the aroma of cherries and raspberries, a vivid, pink colour as well as harmonious taste. Thanks to balanced levels of sugar and acid, this wine is excellent with snacks, salads and delicate main courses. Regent Rosé wine received the "Wine Road Signs 2011" award in the 20th edition of the prestigious VINOFORUM competition, which is one of the most important and oldest wine events in Europe.

Red wines

Regent 2010

A wine characterized by tangible notes of plums and black pepper intertwined with spice and smoke aromas. Moreover, it has got a delicate tannin structure. It is excellent in conjunction with red meat dishes, duck as well as lamb. It is perfect with grilled red meats, pasta dishes and cheeses.

Noole rouge 2010

Carefully selected fruit from the red varieties have contributed to the creation of this exceptional blend which enchants with its fruitiness, ruby colour as well as with the abundance of tannin and gallotannin. The innovative combination of our two flagship varieties, Rondo and Regent, has entered permanently into the wine selection at Mierzęcin Palace.

Rondo 2009

This variety has been considered our national grapevine for several years and it has been cultivated at the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard since 2004. The variety was registered in Germany as Vitis vinifera which stands for common grape vine. It has been officially authorised for quality wines production since 1999. Rondo is a variety characterised by a clear, ruby colour with an intensive scent of fresh forest fruit. Its taste has all the characteristics of high-quality, dry wine. It is excellent for the traditional cuisine served at the Palace based on game meat from the surrounding forests.

GOLD MEDAL at the IV Polish Wines Competition for a ENOEXPO® 2012 Fairs Medal
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