Culinary inspirations

The fact that we are situated in the buffer zone of the Drawieński National Park enables us to put in the menu an abundance of dishes created on the basis of the gifts from the surrounding forests and lakes enriched by the herbs as well as by the seasonal vegetables and fruit cultivated in the palace garden. A masterful blending of traditional ingredients and modern recipes as well as skilful combination of dishes with wine and grapes is the trademark of Mierzęcin’s cuisine. Furthermore, it is the result of the passion and experience of our Head Chef.

The tastes of Mierzęcin

The constantly growing list of local suppliers cooperating with the Distillery Restaurant is the result of careful searching and care for the highest quality of the served dishes.

Local suppliers:

Meat and cold cuts

Meat Processing Plant Stanisław Przewoźny from Trzebicza

Ripening cheese

Ecological farm “The Farm under the Spruces” Beata and Leszek Futymowie

Huta Szklana in the administrative district of Krzyż Wielkopolski

Game meat

Hunting Association LYNX from Dobiegniew Honey Emil Kantor, Mierzęcin 37

Vegetables, Fruit, Herbs

Mierzęcin Palace Vegetable Garden Potatoes – the fields of the Mierzęcin Palace estate – G. Czupryniak

We also use regional treasures by enriching the dishes with natural honey and goat milk. The Palace Vineyard was also an inspiration for us to create unique grape cuisine dishes. Velvety sauce prepared on the basis of grapes gives the dishes subtle taste, while the sweet tarts and strudels with fresh grapevine fruit are perfect for dessert. The dishes are complemented by carefully selected wines coming from the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard.

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