The stud located on the grounds of Mierzęcin Palace was created with riding enthusiasts and people who have only started their adventure in the saddle in mind. Under the watchful eye of qualified instructor they can fathom the secrets of working with horses and to master and improve their abilities.

A modern hippodrome measuring 60 x 40 metres is a perfect spot to improve riding techniques. On the other hand, the picturesque surroundings of Mierzęcin’s estate – such as vast forests, meadows and lakes as well as the nearby, interesting steeple tracks – are conducive to excursions in the field on horseback. The quiet vicinity guarantees a peaceful ride and full enjoyment of nature’s charms.

A wide variety of horses from our stud ensures that every rider will find a favourite here. Patient, calm and perfectly prepared animals are suitable for work with beginners. However, their vigour and jumping abilities will satisfy the ambition of experienced riders.

Aside from horse riding we offer also tours of the gorgeous countryside around Mierzęcin Palace in a britzka as well as sleigh rides, which are an excellent variation during the course of the stay and also are a part of weddings organised at Mierzęcin Palace. We recommend to photography lovers a large pasture near the Palace where, from spring to autumn, one can admire a whole herd.

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