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An overview of selected materials, which appeared in local media about the Mierzęcin Palace Wellness & Wine Resort


About the charm of grape picking, Grape Spa and the best wines.

  • Weranda (Veranda), August 2016 – “Mierzęcin Palace Wellness &...” - Read more


An interview with the manager of the Distillery Restaurant – Kamila Dzierżawska.

  • Food service, October 2015 – “10 questions to...” - Read more


The Eden magazine recommends grape picking at Mierzęcin Palace.

  • Eden, September 2014 – “Grape picking the Polish way” - Read more


About a unique dinner and the charm of the vineyard.

  • ​Food & Friends, September-October 2013 – “Dinner at the vineyard” - Read more


About the treasures from the vineyard and their influence on beauty.

  • Gala, 25.03.2013 – “A vineyard of beauty” - Read more


An exhaustive account of the history of the estate, vineyard, wine therapy and the Grape Spa.

  • Eden Magazine, 15.02.2013 – “Polish Tuscany” - Read more


About the vineyard, the wine, Bacchus’ responsibilities and why hail is dangerous – a talk with our oenologist Piotr Stopczyński.

  • A Polish Radio 3 broadcast, 7.11.2012 aired at 18:15 – “Wine tales” report - Read more


“Singles and remixes” at Mierzęcin Palace.

  • TVN, 30.08.2012 – “Good morning TVN” - Read more


“Singles and remixes” – a report from rehearsals.

  • TVP Gorzów Wielkopolski, 23.08.2012 – The news - Read more


The Mierzęcin Palace Wellness & Wine Resort turned into a place for theatrical rehearsals for the play “Singles and remixes”.

An interview with the actors Anna Mucha, Weronika Książkiewicz, Lesław Żurek and Wojcieh Medyński in the grounds of Mierzęcin Palace

  • TVN, 19.08.2012 – “Good morning TVN” - Read more


About the fashion for wine therapy in Poland.

  • Wysokie Obcasy (High Heels), 18.08.2012 – “Madonna with a Chardonnay” - Read more


A report from culinary workshops ‘SPOT to EAT’ conducted by the head chef and oenologist of Mierzęcin

  • Palace Zjeść Poznań (Eat Poznan), 6.08.2012 – “SPOT to EAT Culinary Academy – Wellness cuisine” - Read more


The series “From table to table” – this time about us.

  • Gazeta Wyborcza Poznań, 29.06.2012 – “An innocent feast and wine feast at Mierzęcin Palace” - Read more


About inspirations, about the taste, about the wine and about the cuisine...

Editor Heidi Handkowska talks with the Head Chef of Mierzęcin Palace

  • Dawid Łągowski Restaurateur’s Handbook - Read more


News on the Spa market


How to use fruit from the vineyard.

  • Kurier Szczeciński, 8.06.2012 – “Enotourism, wine therapy” - Read more


About the largest vineyard on the Lubusz Wine and Honey Trail.

  • Interia.pl, 1.06.2012 – “A small, Polish Tuscany” - Read more


X Horse Day

  • anniversary Gazeta Lubuska, 31.05.2012 – “The Palace invites for a celebration with horses as the main actors” - Read more


What is the Lubusz Region famous for?

The reporters of “A question for breakfast” programme looked for the answer. We invite you for the report from Mierzęcin Palace.

  • TVP2, 4.05.2012 – “A question for breakfast” - Read more


Open day at the Mierzęcin Palace Vineyard.

  • wprost.pl, 20.04.2012 – “How to make good wine?” - Read more


Wine therapy at the Grape Spa.

  • urodaizdrowie.pl, 20.04.2012 – “Wine therapy at the hotel Spa” - Read more


Our wines win awards.

  • 6win.pl, 12.04.2012 – “A Lubusz wine awarded the gold medal at the Galician Wine Competition” - Read more


Mierzęcin Palace changes its image.

  • Marketing with coffee, 12.04.2012 – “Advertising campaign and changing the visual identification of Mierzęcin Palace” - Read more


We invite you to watch “Wanderings with a key” programme at TVP Gorzów Wielkopolski.

  • TVP Gorzów, 17.11.2011 – “Wanderings with a key” - Read more


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